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Later - Laura and Teresa


Later Joies is a small story that starts with talent and imagination and, at the same time, helps to overcome a life blow. An accomplice project of Teresa, mother and professor of chemistry almost retired, and Laura, his daughter, conservator and art restorer.


The need for distraction during the long duration of breast cancer, pushes Teresa to resume a hobby that has always been shared with Laura, making earrings.


In these strange times of confinement and pandemic, we decide to roll up our sleeves and spend more time together. As we soon surpass production made for our own consumption, the next step led us to expand what had always been a natural inclination, jewelry, and make it a unique proposal, which takes the form of the fusion of names and skills of both: Later.


In a few months, Later expands the family involvement, with Esther, the daughter and sister, and Albert, son-in-law and partner, who provide advice and help in this artistic adventure that travels through the geographical and cultural spaces of the world.


Because travel and art are our great passions, apart from jewelry, many of the pieces we make remind us of Italy, the Catalan coast and, also, still unexplored countries such as Japan, as you can see in the Kimono and Mikado collections.


Our jewelry comes to life in a joint craft process. Teresa models the pieces after experimenting with different materials, and Laura designs the compositions made with polymer paste, Japanese paper with screen parchment, acrylic resin and Japanese textile.


Now that cancer has subsided and everything has gone well, we want to continue to grow with Later and at the same time help raise awareness about the disease. Experience makes us value prevention, family support, and also, how important it is to cultivate a hobby and turn it into an open window to let your imagination run wild.

Qui som: Quiénes somos
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